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As founder of The Develey International Group, Margaret has a personal commitment to assisting executives and professionals at every level interact with ease and grace in a professional setting. Her working experience both in Europe and the United States enables her to work successfully with clients of all professions, ages, and backgrounds.

Business Etiquette for Professionals

In today's competitive and global job market, technical knowledge is just not enough. Becoming social-savvy will facilitate your interaction with others and make you realize your advantageous position rather than worry about committing a faux pas. Or worse yet, commit a faux pas and not even know it.

  • First impressions are lasting impressions
  • Exude confidence and authority
  • Present yourself at your professional and personal "best."
  • Introductions and business card presentation
  • Appearance, Grooming, Clothing
  • Posture and Polish

Dining with Style and Finesse

In today's world, conducting business in social surroundings is, more than ever, the norm. Our behavior at a dining table plays a vital role in how our business connections will perceive us. Becoming glass, china, and silverware savvy allow you to concentrate on developing contacts without worrying about whether or not you are using the right utensil!

  • Gracious extending and accepting of invitations
  • Duties of host/hostess or guest
  • When there is more than one fork, knife, and glass
  • The Continental eating style can become second nature
  • Food and wines in a perfect combination
  • Drinking and toasting
  • Acceptable and unacceptable table talk
  • Eating Various Foods

Service Training

Service training of wait staff for your hotel, corporate boardroom, or residence is of utmost importance to everyone regardless of their individual socioeconomic status. Attention to detail is required and expected.

  • Facts about Service
  • Definition of Excellent Service
  • First Impressions about the Wait Staff and the Venue
  • The Perfect Linen
  • Outstanding Place Settings: China, Silverware, Glassware
  • Types of Service: American, French, Russian, and combination of those Proper Service Guidelines

Cultural Diversity

Our global economy dictates that we become sensitive to the cultural, ethnic differences of our business associates. Familiarity with those differences will set you apart from your competition.

  • Business Introductions
  • Timing is Everything
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • Conversation Space and Gestures
  • Body Language
  • Appropriate Gift Giving

The Develey International Group will be happy to assist you with all your
corporate meetings and social events.


The Develey International Group

Benefits of Training

  • Ensure a favorable first impression
  • Improve your social savvy in the work environment
  • Refine your professional and social skills
  • Present yourself with style, sophistication, and finesse
  • Acquire skills and knowledge which will give you the edge over your competition
  • Maximize your networking comfort level and increase your business opportunities
  • Enhance relationships that will assist you in making successful business deals
  • Be comfortable with your dining skills when business is conducted in a social setting
  • Learn contemporary and internationally accepted proper business behavior
  • Give a positive impression when visiting or hosting international guests